Animal Care Services is now closed to the public due to the COVID 19 – Shelter in Place Order.   

We ask customers to knock on the front door during the normal business hours 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Tuesday through Saturday if you need assistance. 

We ask customers to keep 6 feet or more away from the door when a staff member greets you at the door. 

Customers can also call Animal Care Services at 463-4427 and speak with a staff member during the Tuesday through Saturday normal business hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Depending on your need-request we may be able to assist you. 

Please advise staff if you have lost your pet animal. 

People that have lost pet animals can file a lost pet report online on the Animal Care Services webpage under the link Lost Animal Report.

No volunteers are permitted at Animal Care Services at this time.

If you received a dog license renewal letter and are needing to renew your dog license please go the below link.

Dog License Renewal

Please remember to have identification tags / pet license on your family pets.  This will assist Animal Care Services in reconnecting you and your pet if they get lost & impounded at our facility.  

We are encouraging pet owners to have a contingency plan if someone in your household becomes ill due to the virus.  Please seek the assistance of other family members, neighbors or good friends to take on the responsibility of caring for your pet animals. 

The Animal Shelter can board animals in situations like above but in a limited capacity.

Some steps to take if your pet has to be cared for by other family members, friends or trusted neighbors if you become sick or hospitalized.  Prepare a pet supply kit like the one below. 

  • Have crates, food and extra supplies on hand for movement and relocation of pet(s) if necessary.
  • Keep all animal vaccinations up to date and have copies of those records available in the event boarding your pet becomes necessary.
  • Ensure that all medications are documented with dosages and administering directions. Make sure to include the prescription from your veterinarian with medications with your pet(s) to go bag.
  • Pet(s) should have proper identification such as a collar with id tag and a microchip with up to date owner contact information.
  • Any daily care instructions for the pet(s).
  • A couple of your pet(s) favorite play toys.
  • Food treats.
  • A leash.
  • Your veterinarian’s contact information.

If you or another family member in the residence is ill, a good rule of thumb is to avoid contact like petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked by your pet.  If you can care for your pet or have to be around animals while ill, please make sure to wash your hands before and after you interact with your pets and make sure to where a mask if possible.


Update - April 8, 2020

Cats & Kittens

Animal Care Services will not be accepting cats or kittens that live outside unless they are sick or injured at this time during the Covid 19 Shelter in Place Order.

The decision to not accept cats & kittens has been made due to our temporary suspension of elective surgeries that includes spay & neuter procedures at the guidance & recommendation of public health, shelter medicine & veterinary teaching professionals in the animal sheltering industry.

Industry professionals concluded there is too high a risk to animal shelters staff with accepting & caring for these animals, keeping valuable dog & cat kennel space open for unknown future Covid 19 situations and not depleting shelter resources as the major concerns for endorsing this guideline.

If you have found kittens that are being cared for by their mother and seem healthy, please leave them with their mother.

If the kittens are sick, injured or in danger, please call us at 707-463-4427 to make an appointment to bring them at the Ukiah Animal Shelter.

Please go to the below Leave Found Kittens Alone web-page links for additional information and video.

Leave Found Kittens Alone

What To Do If You Find Kittens



Kitten Fostering?

Click Here




Go to the below link for information.

Leaving Found Kittens Alone


Reduced Adoption Fees for Long Stay Dogs

Long Term Dog Pic 2020


Cats & Kittens

Please contact the Animal Shelter at 463-4427 to schedule bringing in any feral cat or kitten(s). 

We greatly appreciate the assistance of the public in helping us work through this situation.

Thank you.

Mendocino County Animal Shelter


Bed Donations

Kuranda Beds

Kuranda Bed Video

The Animal Shelter wishes to thank the very generous donors who have purchased a Kuranda Bed for our shelter dogs. 



Animal Care Services Information

Our Mission

To serve the citizens of Mendocino County by providing animal regulation services that promote public safety, health and responsible pet ownership and delivers these services in a timely, courteous, professional and cost effective manner.

Our Services

The Animal Care Services (ACS) program areas include: Shelter Services providing; education outreach, adoption, vol­unteer opportunities, fostering, lost & found services, feral cat trap-neuter-release programs and licensing. 

Additional services and community supports are available through Clinic Services providing; veterinary care and surgery for shelter animals, community clients with animal health education, rabies vaccination clinics, micro-chipping and low cost spay/neuter options to the local rescue groups and low income individuals.


Shelter Director: Richard Molinari

Shelter Supervisor: Sage Mountainfire


Adoption Coordinator: Amy Campbell




Useful Links

Unincorporated Areas

Please Note:

Animal Control in unincorporated areas of Mendocino County is handled by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office.

Field Service calls outside of Ukiah or Fort Bragg city limits including loose dogs, barking dogs, humane complaints or animal bites should be called into the Sheriff's Dispatch at 707-463-4086.

For Field Service calls in Ukiah please call the Ukiah Police Department at 707-463-6262.

For Field Service calls in Fort Bragg please call the Fort Bragg Police Department at 707-964-0200.