Care-A-Van and Spay/Neuter Services

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The Animal Care Services is taking pro-active and preventative steps with an, innovative and much needed program: The Mobile Spay/Neuter, Adoption and Disaster Preparedness Vehicle, also know as the CARE-A-VAN.

This vehicle enables us to go out into the remote areas of Mendocino County where much needed spay/neuter and vaccine services are generally not available. By providing low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter and vaccination services as well as animal welfare information, we are working towards eliminating euthanasia as a means of solving the pet over-population in Mendocino County.

Currently the CARE-A-VAN provides spay/neuter and vaccination services in the following towns and Rancherias:

Boonville / Covelo / Ft. Bragg / Laytonville / Manchester / Willits

We are working with many of the individual Rancherias and Reservations to provide services.   

For more information on surgery dates and site locations please call 463-4427, or email us at Animal Care Services or check us out on Facebook at Mendocino County Care-A-Van at -

The Care-A-Van is a self-sustaining, "Enterprise" activity that receives minimal funding from the County's General Fund for vehicle maintenance.  The program is a success due in part to the support and help of local animal welfare groups, veterinarians, community members and businesses as well as private foundations.

The animal welfare groups provide vouchers for those who are unable to pay part or all of the spay/neuter fees so that no one is ever turned away from CARE-A-VAN services due to financial reasons. Local businesses contribute financially as well as providing locations for services.  Individuals contribute financially and/or through volunteer time.  ALL donations and income are placed in trust and used solely for the CARE-A-VAN.  The trust guarantees that all funds stay within the program and that they are NOT considered part of the County's General Fund.

Care-A-Van Fees

DHLPP Vaccine
FVRCP Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine
Bordatella Vaccine
FELV Vaccine
Heartworm Test
Cat Neuter
Cat Spay
Dog Neuter (Under 40 pounds)
Dog Neuter (Over 40 pounds)
Dog Spay (Under 40 pounds)
Dog Spay (Over 40 pounds)
In Heat (Additional)
Pregnant (Additional)
Crypt Orchid (Large)
Crypt Orchid (Small)
Anesthesia (Small - under 40 pounds)
Anesthesia (Large - over 40 pounds)