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If you’d like to help the shelter dogs and cats at the Animal Shelter in Ukiah of Fort Bragg, you may want to consider fostering. 

The FOSTER PROGRAM at the Ukiah & Fort Bragg Shelters is a great way to help dogs and cats-from your own home!  We are always looking for temporary homes in the inland & coastal Mendocino County areas. 

A foster family provides a safe environment for a shelter guest.  Another great feature of the program is the information foster homes provide about their guests–information that is very useful as we search for the right adoption and home for each animal.

If you would like to foster a dog for a short period, our PAJAMA PARTY program might be the ticket for you!  Pajama parties are one-or-two-night stays in your home.

While you are fostering a dog or cat, the shelter provides support, along with food, crates and bedding, if requested.  Any necessary vet care, including vaccines, are provided by the shelter.  The foster family provides a safe environment for their shelter guest. 

If you rent your house, your landlord must provide written approval for a foster placement.  Shelter staff will need to approve your request to foster If there are any other pets in your house, and all pets in your home should be up-to-date on their vaccines. 

As a dog and cat foster family, you must agree to return your shelter guest when requested by shelter staff for needed medical care such as vaccines.

The Ukiah & Fort Bragg Shelters Foster and PJ Party programs are wonderful opportunities to help out a great dog or cat-it’s a win-win situation!  What you learn and observe during fostering and PJ parties can assist a dog or cat find a good match in his or her forever home. 

If you might be interested in welcoming a shelter dog, puppy or kitten into your home as a foster, please contact Sage or Amy at 707-467-6453 for the Ukiah Shelter or Adriana or Jennifer at the Fort Bragg Shelter at 707-961-2491 / 707-961-2526 if you have any questions. 

Please go to the below link and get the foster process started by filling out the foster application. 

Foster Application

Completed foster applications for Ukiah Shelter animals can be sent back either via fax at 468-3338 or to the below email addresses.

Completed foster applications for Fort Bragg animals can be sent back to the below email addresses.

Once the foster application is received, the applications will be reviewed and we will contact you.

Thank you.