Cannabis Taxes and License

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Apply for Cannabis Facilities Business License

Ordinance No. 4394, which adopted Chapter 6.36 – Cannabis Facilities Businesses and Chapter 20.243 – Cannabis Facilities, is effective November 16, 2017, and provides for business licenses and zoning requirements for the following cannabis-related business types:

  • Processing Facilities;
  • Manufacturing Facilities;
  • Testing Laboratories;
  • Retailers/Dispensaries;
  • Retailers/Nurseries;
  • Distribution Facilities; and
  • Microbusinesses

Complete the applicable license application and submit to the Tax Collector along with the applicable fee:

Cannabis Facilities Business License

Cannabis Facilities Business License for Distribution Transport Only Cultivator

Term of License: Cannabis Facilities Business Licenses shall be issued on an annual basis and shall be renewed annually.  The period of the annual license shall commence July 1 of each year and expire June 30 of the following year.  The initial license may be issued for a shorter or longer period of time to best align with the July 1 through June 30 time period; in such instances, fees will be prorated on a quarterly basis.

Cannabis Business Tax

Cannabis Business Tax – Ordinance No. 4361 which adopted Chapter 6.32 - Cannabis Business Tax imposes cannabis related taxes on all commercial cannabis businesses. 

Cannabis Cultivation Regulations

Ordinance Adopting Chapter 10A.17 - Medical Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance and Chapter 20.242 - Medical Cannabis Cultivation Site, Adopted April 4, 2017.

Please note: If your business type is solely cultivation, a business license is not required.  See the Department of Agriculture for more information regarding the cultivation permit process.