Witness Services

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vwPatricia Torres

Victim Witness Advocate
(22+ years w/ MCDA)

Jessica Rodriguez

Victim Witness Advocate
(7+ years w/ MCDA)

Michelle Parraga

Victim Witness Advocate
(<1 year w/ MCDA)

Victim Witness Advocate [Vacant - Ukiah]

Ingrid Johnson

Staff Assistant
(4+ year w/MCDA)

Crime Victims' Rights Week - April 19-25, 2020

The Victims Witness Program provides assistance to crime victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice system. Support encompasses crisis intervention, emergency assistance, and resource/referral. Victims/Witness Advocates work with the affected persons... not just the case. Furthermore, the Victims Witness Division provides outreach and training for other county criminal justice and victim agency partners to enhance the effectiveness of the victim/witness support network.

Since navigating the criminal justice system is often challenging, Victims/Witness services include notifying victims of upcoming court dates/times, keeping victims updated on case status and deposition, providing court escorts, and arranging case related transportation. Supportive measures include notifying victims' family and friends of the crimes, and help with funeral and burial arrangements.

Victims/Witness offers financial assistance to eligible victims for out of pocket expenses and help with completing Victim Compensation Government Claims Board (VCGCB) applications. VCGCB funds furnish victims of violent crime with mental health services, and paying bills incurred by the victim as a result of the crimes committed, as well as taking care of relocation expenses when necessary. Additional services encompass assisting victims in receiving restitution and in financial arrangements with the victim's creditors.