Juvenile Probation

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“The Juvenile Division is responsible for both court and supervision services for Juvenile Court. These services include intake investigations at Juvenile Hall, preparation of jurisdiction and disposition reports, community supervision, out-of-home placement and monitoring, home supervision, referral to community based services, and electronic monitoring. Modifying delinquent behavior by early intervention and holding youth accountable for their actions, aids in preventing costly foster and group home placements. This unit also performs juvenile traffic hearings.

Contact Information

585 Low Gap Rd
Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: 707-234-6900
Fax: 707-463-4434

Record Sealing Information

If you went to court when you were a juvenile, you may be able to get the record sealed. This includes records held by law enforcement, the district attorney, probation, and the courts.  When the court orders your records sealed, it means that the offense that brought you to court no longer exists by law and you can legally and truthfully say you do not have a criminal record when asked about your criminal history (there may be an exception to this if you want to join the military or get a federal security clearance).

In some cases, the court will automatically order your records sealed. In others, you must file a petition asking the court to seal your records.

Less serious cases dismissed after January 1, 2015
If your case is dismissed by the juvenile court after January 1, 2015 and you were NOT found to have committed an offense listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 707(b) you do not need to ask the court to seal your records because the court will do it automatically.  If you complete your probation successfully and the court finds that you did, the court must dismiss your case.  If the court does not find that you have satisfactorily completed your probation, it may not dismiss you case and will not seal your records automatically. If you want to have your records sealed in this situation, you will need to ask the court to seal your records.


If you are not sure if you qualify to seal your records or if you have other questions, speak with a lawyer.