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Frequently Used Cannabis Cultivation Permit Application Forms

Cannabis Cultivation Application (Only PHASE 2 Applications Currently Being Accepted)

Renewal Application

Employee List

Cannabis Cultivation & Operations Plan

Agent Form: Consent to Submit/Receive Information

Live Scan Form

Property Owner Consent Form

Building Structures List

Notice of Application Stay (NAS) for One-Year Period Form

Reassignment Application Packet

Relocation Worksheet for Relocation Applications Only


Cannabis Program Fees

Cultivation Application Fees (Revised February 5, 2020)

Revised Fee Schedule (Posted November 26, 2019)


Business Tax Appellate Process

Cannabis Business Tax Appellate Process (Revised November 25, 2019)


Renewal Application Tips and Resources

Example Documents

Renewal Application Process (Revised November 26, 2019)

SAMPLE Renewal Affidavit (Revised November 25, 2019)

Exhibit A Clearance Instructions (Posted November 26, 2019)

Cannabis Site Plan Requirements (Revised November 26, 2019)

Exempt Structure Info & Exempt Structure FAQs (Posted Oct. 16, 2019)


Permit Density

Cultivation Permit Density and Permits Allowed Per Person (revised January 30, 2020)


Cannabis Inspection Report

SAMPLE Cannabis Inspection Report (Revised July 22, 2019)


Pesticide Use 101 for Cannabis Cultivators

The Department of Agriculture has hosted several training classes introducing cannabis cultivators to pesticide use, regulation, and enforcement in Mendocino County.  We are providing a link to a video of one of the classes for your convenience, here.  We expect pesticide regulations to continue to change over the next several years.  We will continue to update our training course as the regulations change.

Scale Selection

On June 20, 2016, the Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) released an informational brochure on medical cannabis.  It is intended to provide guidance to cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, distributors, transporters, and product manufacturers in the areas of scale selection, scale registration and testing, service agencies, packaging and labeling inspections, and weighmasters.  Click here to view the brochure.  Click here to go to the DMS webpage.


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