Leadership Initiative Project Teams

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Mendocino County Executive Leadership Team (MCELT)

Established in January 2017, MCELT's function is to develop, implement and maintain policies and programs that align with the County's Leadership Philosophy.  MCELT is a participative team that leads the County of Mendocino in cross-organizational issues that have significant long term impacts. MCELT creates mechanisms that ensure the county's leadership philosophy is integrated throughout the organization.


Project Teams

Seven project Teams were created by MCELT in the areas of communication, operational processes, employee engagement, economic development, customer service, performance plans and recruitment and retention. 

These project teams are made up of employees at various levels of employment within the County and work under the guidance of MCELT members. 


 Goal Getters

Goal Getters

special ops

Special Ops


Employee Engagement

customer service

Customer Service




Recruitment & Retention

 Economic Development

 Economic Development


For more information about joining one of the Leadership Project teams, contact the Leadership Initiative Director, Anne Molgaard or Katie S. Ford