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Rules of Procedure, Adopted January 10, 2017, Resolution 17-004

The Consent Calendar is a list of agenda items which either implement an earlier Board action or require review by the Board. Only one motion is needed for the adoption of all items listed on the Consent Calendar. Any Board member, staff, or citizen may request that specific items be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion and/or action.

Items to be Continued are agenda items, usually regarding land use planning issues, where the Board has received a request for continuation to a future meeting. Those citizens who wish to address the Board on the continued item, but will be unable to attend a future meeting, will be offered an opportunity to speak.

General Business includes all items which will be reviewed by the Board at the scheduled meeting.

A Quorum of three Board members is needed to convene a meeting for formal action on agenda items.

Closed Session are meetings where the Board specifically addresses personnel or litigation matters. For reasons of confidentiality specified by law (Brown Act, Government Code Section 54950, et seq), a closed session is the only Board meeting not open to the general public.

Minute Orders are the least formal of Board actions and can be used to establish Board policy and procedures. A minute order is the most common Board action for dealing with an agenda item.

Ordinances are County laws affecting the general health, safety, and welfare of the public. All ordinances, except those dealing with specific zoning, become part of the County Code. With the exception of emergency ordinances and ordinances which required a public hearing, all ordinances must go through two readings or presentations at two separate Board meetings. The majority of ordinances do not become effective until thirty days after the approval of the second reading.

Resolutions are formalized Board motions and are filed by number in the Clerk of the Board's office. Resolutions become effective upon passage.

Information on Boards and Commissions is available here.  Vacancies are advertised ten days prior to appearing on the Board's agenda.