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860 N. Bush Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 234-6625
(707) 463-4038 Fax
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Ocean beach Monitoring Hotline: (707) 234-6627


Staff Directory


Main Line (707) 234-6625      Fax (707) 463-4038

Trey Strickland (Director) (707) 234-6639 

Consumer Protection

Brian Hoy (707) 234-6645

Vince Hawkins (707) 234-6630

Melissa Hernandez (707) 234-6638

Neal Mettler (707) 234-6628

David Koppel (707) 234-6641


Hazardous Materials (CUPA)

Kirk Ford (707) 234-6640

Gary Leonard (707) 234-6649

Will Nalty  (707) 234-6632

Jessi Laughlin (707) 234-6648

Sarah Downey (707) 234-6644

Nicole Hartsell (707) 234-6636

24 Hour Duty Officer (REHIT) Phone: (707) 272-4570


Land Use

Marlayna Bourbonnais Duley (707) 234-6635

Radomir Gavrilovic (707) 234-6643

Ryan LaPorte (707) 234-6633

Administrative Staff

Erin Bozzo (707) 234-6629

Amanda Bewley (707) 234-6637

Kelli Jaynes (707) 234-6696



Main Line (707) 961-2714    Fax  (707) 961-2720

Sophie Vieira (707) 234-2882

Christina Pallmann (707) 234-2884

Benjamin Hutter (707) 234-2883




The Environmental Health Division consists of 22 employees who carry out the mission to safeguard the public's health from environmental hazards. This is achieved through community education efforts and by enforcement of state and local laws to ensure safe supplies of food and water, to monitor the proper management of wastes and hazardous materials, to investigate environmental health-related causes of illness and to abate hazardous environmental health conditions. Environmental Health programs fall into 4 categories: Land Use, Consumer Protection, Hazardous Materials, and Solid Waste. Environmental Health also handles Rabies Surveillance in collaboration with the county Animal Control Department and the Public Health Lab and the Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Program in collaboration with the State Department of Health Services.

Regular inspections of permitted facilities and investigations of complaints are handled by technically trained and licensed Environmental Health Specialists (EHS). New trends and issues in the environmental health field are closely followed by EH staff. The following programs are conducted by Mendocino County EH Department.