Information about Foster Care

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For information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent or to apply, please contact the Resource Family Approval Unit at (707) 467-5893.

Information about Foster Care

 Hear from two of our staff about the great need for resource (foster) homes and how to become a resource (foster) parent in Mendocino County in an interview with Fort Bragg TV at the following link:

Becoming a Resource Family starts with a willingness to open your heart and home to a child or youth who needs you. When you chose to become a Resource Family (foster parent), you become a very important member of a team of professionals who are dedicated to the welfare of children and youth.

Adults of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and families of all compositions are needed to provide foster care. You may be single, part of a couple, married, male or female and of any sexual orientation. You may own a home or rent a home or an apartment. 

A monthly stipend is provided to help meet the child/youth’s needs and health insurance is provided for the child for their physical and mental care. Respite Care is provided for our Resource Families offering temporary care of foster children to support their full time caretakers. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, there are several local agencies in Mendocino and Lake Counties that can assist you and answer any questions you may have: 

• Family & Children’s Services, Resource Family Approval Unit- contact: Lindsey Coke, 707-467-5893
• Redwood Community Services - contact: Amber Lopes or Lorraine Montano, 707-467-2000
• Tapestry Family Services - contact: Iván Pantaleón, 707-463-3300 ext. 116
• Indian Child and Family Preservation Program - contact: Liz DeRouen, 707-463-2644

Did You Know?

Children and youth needing foster homes are of all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds and range in age from 0-18 years old. We try very hard to keep siblings together in order to provide security and familiarity. While these children have experienced separation from their parents due to abuse or neglect, they are still growing and learning and can blossom in a family who is able to offer them a safe home. We provide training and support for all of our Resource Families, and we help you meet the necessary requirements to ensure that the children remain safe.

For more information on becoming a Resource Family, a schedule of Resource Family orientations, trainings and events, and to apply, please contact the Family & Children’s Services Resource Family Approval Unit at (707) 467-5893.

Information for Relatives 

Mendocino County Family and Children’s Services is committed to the importance of relatives and the role they play in a child/youth’s life. Relatives provide important family and lifelong connections for children involved with Family and Children’s Services. Relatives can often provide critical support to the child/youth when the parents cannot.

Relatives can help with:

• Providing care for the child/youth while the parents receive reunification services with the goal of the child/youth returning home to a parent
• Providing a permanent home for the child/youth if they are unable to return home to a parent
• Maintaining contact with the child/youth including visits if the relative is unable to be a placement for the child/youth
• Helping provide additional supports and services to the child/youth and family.

Family and Children’s Services is required to search for and send written notification to located relatives within 30 days of a child/youth being removed from their parents. The department does not have to provide written notification if the relative has a history of family or domestic violence which would make the notification inappropriate as determined by the Social Worker.  

If you know you have a relative in foster care, but have not received written notification from us, please contact the Family & Children’s Services Resource Family Approval Unit at (707) 467-5893.