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If your child has an open case with Family and Children’s Services and they have been determined to be at risk of a group home placement due to having intensive or high level mental health needs, they may be eligible for Wraparound Services. Our wraparound services are provided by staff in both Family & Children’s Services and Behavioral Health & Recovery Services. Services are “wrapped around” the family in a coordinated fashion to help the child safely remain in the home or help them to transition back into the home if they have been in residential care. This program is individualized and tailored to the strengths of each child and family; it integrates the family’s voice, choice and preferences throughout the entire process. Our wraparound teams include Mental Health Clinicians who serve as Intensive Care Coordinators, Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialists who provide Intensive Home Based Services and Parent Partners who assist the parents/caregivers in meeting the child’s needs.  

Wraparound is also available to youth who are involved with Juvenile Probation.