County Disaster Council

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Disaster Council Purpose and Responsibilities

The Mendocino County Disaster Council is charged with providing guidance and recommending priorities for the Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services (OES). Additionally, the Disaster Council reviews and provides feedback for plans created by OES.

According to Mendocino Ordinance, Sec. 7.04.080 - Disaster Council Powers and Duties:

"It shall be the duty of the Mendocino County Disaster Council, and it is hereby empowered, to recommend for adoption by the County Board of Supervisors, emergency and mutual aid plans and agreements, and such ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations as are necessary to implement such plans and agreements." 

Mendocino County Disaster Council Membership

The Mendocino County Disaster Council consists of 14 members who include:

  • The Director of Emergency Services (County CEO), who shall serve as chair.
  • The Assistant Director of Emergency Services (Sheriff), who shall serve as vice-chair.
  • The Emergency Services Coordinator, who shall serve as secretary.
  • Police Chiefs of the incorporated cities of Fort Bragg, Ukiah and Willits.
  • City Managers of the incorporated cities of Fort Bragg, Point Arena, Ukiah and Willits (or their designee).
  • The County Operational Area Mutual Aid Coordinator.
  • One (1) Fire Chief selected by the Mendocino County Fire Chief's Association.
  • The County Public Health Director.
  • A member of the Mendocino County Office of Education.
  • The County Board of Supervisors may appoint such representatives of civic, business, labor, veterans, professional, or other organizations having an official emergency responsibility.
Disaster Council Meetings 

The Mendocino County Disaster Council meets at least once per year and may meet more often if necessary as determined by OES or when requested by Disaster Council members.