Public Involvement

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Public Involvement

Water is a collective heritage with different functions, uses, and values. Water is also finite, vulnerable to contamination and the effects of climate variability, which makes its future availability uncertain. Decision-making for water should be through a collaborative and inclusive process, where all the voices are represented (Ballester, Alba & Kelly E. Mott Lacroix). Natural resource management benefits everyone in our community.

Mendocino County invites public participation as we consider the many SWRP projects which will affect the future of our community. Mendocino County will hold meetings open to the public, providing opportunities for anyone to comment on the SWRP and the proposed projects, or submit ideas of their own.

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Public Comment

Below is the Final Coastal Mendocino Storm Water Resource Plan. 

Final Coastal Mendocino Storm Water Resource Plan

Final Storm Water Resource Plan Check List and Self-certification

Please submit, comments, questions or inquires by contacting:

Mendocino County Water Agency

501 Low Gap Rd, Room 1010

Ukiah, CA 95482

Public Comment Form

Submit a Project

You can help in the SWRP process by submitting projects for evaluation in the SWRP.  If you have a potential project, it can be considered for the SWRP by completing the form below.

SWRP Project Form