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MendocinoCountyPromo2016-192The objective of the SWRP is to identify multi-benefit projects that utilize stormwater as a resource, address activities that contribute to polluted runoff, characterize the watersheds and planning boundaries within the SWRP area, and host Stakeholder and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings for public outreach and education purposes.

The Coastal Mendocino County Stormwater Resource Plan encompasses three coastal watersheds in Mendocino County, Northern California: Pudding Creek-Frontal Pacific Ocean Watershed, Noyo River Watershed, and Big River Watershed. Furthermore, these three watersheds are broken down into 11 sub-watersheds for further accuracy when developing projects that are important to localized communities. Click here for a map of the affected areas.

$200,000,000 is being made available in grants to watersheds throughout California for multi-benefit stormwater management projects. Project ideas can be submitted by public agencies, nonprofit organizations, public utilitues, or mutual water companies. Eligible projects include green infrastructure, rainwater and stormwater capture projects, low impact development (LID), stormwater treatment facilities, and others that benefit the community with regards to stormwater management. Development of plans for stormwater projects shall address the entire watershed and incorporate the perspectives of communities adjacent to the affected waterways, especially disadvantaged communities.

Multiple Benefit Projects – storm water and dry weather runoff capture projects that provide more than one of the following benefits or meet more than one of the following objectives will be given priority:

  • Creates and restores wetlands (Wat. Code, § 10561(g))
  • Riverside [riparian] habitats (Wat. Code, § 10561(g))
  • Instream flows (Wat. Code, § 10561(g))
  • Increase in park and recreation lands (Wat. Code, § 10561(g))
  • Urban green space (Wat. Code, § 10561(g))
  • Augments recreation opportunities for communities (Wat. Code, § 10561(h))
  • Increases tree canopy (Wat. Code, § 10561(h))
  • Reduces heat island effect (Wat. Code, § 10561(h))
  • Improves air quality (Wat. Code, § 10561(h)
  • Maximizes water quality (Wat. Code, § 10562(b)(2))
  • Maximizes water supply (Wat. Code, § 10562(b)(2))
  • Maximizes flood management (Wat. Code, § 10562(b)(2))

Current Prioritized Projects

The 2018-19 Coastal Mendocino County Stormwater Resource Plan includes 9 prioritized projects.  Detailed information on each project can be viewed in the plan.

  1. State Parks - Legacy Logging Road Rehabilitation
  2. Mendocino USD - LID Retrofit
  3. NHUDG - Georgia - Pacific Mill Wetland
  4. Mendocino County Department of Transportation (DOT) - Company Ranch Road
  5. Mendocino County Water Agency - LID Mitigation Banking Program
  6. City of Fort Bragg - Trash Capture
  7. DOT - Trash Capture
  8. DOT - County Facilities LID
  9. City of Fort Bragg - WWTP Stormwater Upgrades