McKee Parkway

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Picture 028Eastside Road, Potter Valley


On December 17, 1969, McKee and Sons Inc. donated the land along the Russian River on the east side of Potter Valley Road or a distance of approximately two miles. Although it was to be named the "Frank Hunter McKee Memorial Park", since the County's receipt of the property it has been known simply as "McKee Park". Since 1970, very little development has occured on the property, except to maintain the signs and portage trail. There is a nature trail along the Russian River at the first major turn-out (northbound on East Side Potter Valley Road).

Park Location

McKee Park is adjacent to the Potter Valley Road and includes several roadside turnouts, allowing relatively easy public access to the east fork of the Russian River. The riverside in this area is thickly shaded with a variety of native oaks and bay trees. Wading, swimming, and fishing are popular activities; however, as the posted signs warn, the waters are dangerous, and there are no attendants on site. McKee Park provides the public with this rare access to a lovely stretch of the Russian River.

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Features and Facilities

There is a nature trail along the Russian River at the first major turn-out northbound on East Side Potter Valley Road, and other turnouts provide public access to the river for wading, swimming, and fishing. Many areas are well shaded by a variety of native oak and bay trees, providing a welcome respite during hot summer days.

CAUTION IS NECESSARY: Signs are posted along the parkway warning visitors about the dangerous waters, and no attendants are on site. With the proper precautions, though, you can relax and enjoy any one of many spots along the river.


No reservations are required to visit McKee Parkway, and there are no day use fees.

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