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The agenda is the official guide for Board meetings. Prepared by the Clerk of the Board in consultation with Board members and Administration, the agenda includes current legislative and policy issues which must be reviewed by the full Board. By law, the Board cannot take action on items or issues which are not listed on the Agenda.

Items usually are placed on the agenda at the request of Board or County staff members. Citizens who would like the Board to review a particular item should send a formal written request to the Clerk of the Board or their respective Supervisor. The item will be reviewed and the citizen will be notified of any pending Board action or follow-up.

The deadline to submit agenda items is noon on Monday, fifteen days prior to the Board meeting.

Agendas are printed/posted 72 hours prior to the Board meetings. The agenda is posted in hardcopy format at the County Administration Center and electronically here. A complete copy of the agenda and supporting materials are available for review in the County Executive Office.