Public Safety Power Shutdown

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During a PG&E power shutdown situation due to a Red Flag Warning the number one priority at the Animal Shelter is to care & clean for the shelter animals. 

The primary service Animal Care Services will offer in a power shutdown situation for the public is lost impounded owned animals being returned to their owners.   

Animal Care Services will be able to conduct cash & credit card transactions during a power shutdown. 

Animal Care Services volunteers may be allowed to come to the Animal Shelter and walk dogs as usual if they wish - subject to current Covid 19 restrictions. 

Visitors will be permitted at the Animal Shelter during a power shutdown situation that are requiring dog licenses services. 

Visitors that are wanting to adopt an animal will be required to scheduled an appointment with the Adoption Staff while under Covid 19 restrictions.   

Stray or owned animals that come into the Animal Shelter by Animal Control, Law Enforcement and over the counter via citizen will be impounded as usual. 

The Animal Shelter will not have access to a back up generator and will be without power during a power shutdown situation. 

Animal Care Services will not take in owned animals for care during a power shutdown situation.

Animal owners will be responsible for the care of their owned animals during a red flag warning / power shutdown situation.