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 zeus pow

*Mixed Breed NEUTERED male (Shar Pei?) 10 years old and 47 pounds


Mighty Zeus was the king of Greek Mythology, and his symbols include the lightning bolt, the eagle, the bull and the oak tree. Our Zeus is a mellow fellow, calm and easy going! Zeus is being treated for a flea sensitivity which has caused him some hair loss. He's looking better, and would love to find his forever home, where he can chill and give you all his love.

PAJAMA PARTY UPDATE 9/17 I'm reluctant to bring Zeus back to the shelter because he is having such a good time. What a sweet dog! He was a little wary when I brought him home but he has warmed up quickly. Zeus is shy, however, with a little patience, he is open to trying new things. Any potential adopter should know that he will become attached quickly. You will become his human and he will basically follow you to the end of the earth. He's not interested in playing with toys or chewing things but can be cajoled into zooming around the yard if you give him a play bow. Zeus has got a lot of spunk and it very sure-footed making him an excellent hiking companion. He gets very excited at the appearance of his leash. His other passion is trying to catch bugs as they fly by, sometimes getting all four paws off the floor in excitement. Super cute to watch.

Zeus gets along fine with my dog and is very aloof towards my cats. It's almost as if he doesn't register their existence. With some training, he will be a great companion. He needs time to get used to the busyness of life. He is shy around strangers but I think out of the shelter he will gain more confidence. He would probably do best in a quiet home. He's very unique looking but undeniably adorable. He has not barked once since I brought him home. Overall, he's a mellow guy if you want to sit and watch a movie but is totally game to get up and go when you want to take him on a walk. A perfect combination if you ask me.

Here are some photos of Zeus:



basil pow


2.5 year old neutered male Border Collie mix who weighs about 45 pounds.

Basil is an action-packed, fun-loving dog who would do wonderfully in an active home that is familiar with the Border Collie breed. He will need introductions to any new doggie friends, but did live happily with some who lived in his previous home with him. When introduced to our lovely felines, he was interested but did not react badly. He was reportedly fine with an outdoor cat in his past.


rosie pow



Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 40-ish pounds. Rosie is a compact and lovely looking dog. She likes to play with toys and has lots of energy. Rosie rides well in a car, and she would really like a home where she can snuggle up on a couch! Rosie would like to be the only dog, but she may be OK with an energetic and social canine housemate. A meet and greet with Rosie and any potential doggie roommates is a must. Rosie's new home needs to be CAT FREE.

Fido Field Trip Update On 6/13/19 I got to go on a field trip!!! I had so much fun walking through Friedman's and making new friends. You know the old verbage "People to see, faces to lick" well that was definitely my mission today! I met so many nice people who wanted to give me pets that I had to return the favor with loves. When we went to the park I laid down and took a nice little nap. My Field Trip guide said I was a very good dog and I am proud to say that i didn't bark once, not even when I saw a cat! I cant wait to go out again, especially if its to my new forever home. Please come down and say hi to me!