Feral Cats

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Feral Cats

We’re requesting citizens to please contact the Animal Shelter at 463-4427 prior to any trapping in an effort to coordinate the Animal Shelter receiving “Feral Cats” from the public.

The Animal Shelter staff will coordinate the date(s) with requesting citizens for the capture and dropping off of “Feral Cats.”

We greatly appreciate the assistance of the public in helping us. 

Thank you.

Mendocino County Animal Shelter



We have working cats that need job placements.  These working cats can roam in a garden, workshop or barn where they will keep the rodent population under control.  While here at the Animal Shelter they get great unemployment benefits such as food, shelter & care including being spayed or neutered along with a rabies vaccination.  We really want to be productive members of society so please come to the Animal Shelter and take one of us for free.