Feral Cat Information

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Feral Cat Information for Citizens


When citizens contact the Animal Shelter requesting & demanding that we immediately assist them and accept their feral cats, it is important that they’re informed that there is a high demand from the public regarding the surrendering of feral cats to the Animal Shelter.

Unfortunately when citizens request to have immediate assistance rendered to resolve their feral cat problems, Animal Care Services might not be in a position to offer them immediate assistance.  Animal Care Services understands your frustrations but is limited in the services that we can provide.   

Animal Care Services faces many variables when dealing with feral cats.  Feral cat housing & funding for spay & neuter surgeries along with standard medical care are limited at the Animal Shelter.      

Animal Care Services provides spay & neuter services and resources to assist citizens regarding dealing with feral cats.  The services & resources that are offered for the public are not always immediate and will take some time to arrange to resolve the citizen’s feral cat problems.     

Over the years the feral cat problem that Mendocino County faces has been partially caused by the same & fellow citizens that allow their intact pet cats to roam free and procreate. 

Citizens that demand that we immediately impound the feral cats need to be made aware that due to their impulsive & emotional request other housed feral cats at the Animal Shelter maybe euthanized to accommodate their request.

Animal Care Services is very proud to say that we average around a 90% live release rate and surpass the national average live release rate of 87% for Animal Shelters in the United States.    

We need the cooperation, patience and understanding from all citizens when dealing with feral cat problems for Animal Care Services to maintain the 90% live release rate that we have worked so hard to obtain.

If citizens are persistent & demanding that we take in their feral cats then our 90% live release rate will gradually decline and healthy feral cats will perish.     

Thank you.

Animal Care Services