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 Please feel free to check out and donate at our Amazon Wish List & Kuranda Beds links below.

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Kuranda Dog Beds

Animal Care Services is trying to provide Kuranda Shelter-Beds to the dogs in our care.

Kuranda Shelter-Beds are made specially for animal sheltering.  They have a chewproof design, strong frame and heavy duty fabric that resists digging and is easily cleaned.

In addition to providing a comfortable, safe, resting spot, the beds are useful in place training.  This training helps socialize dogs, improving their chances for adoption and easing their transition into a new home.

Kuranda Shelter-Beds have been proven in shelters, rescues and fosters since 1998. The beds aren't cheap, but they typically last 5+ years in shelters, even longer in foster homes.  If a particularly energetic dog happens to damage a bed, parts can be replaced inexpensively.

Kuranda is a small, family owned manufacturing company located in Maryland.  Everything they sell is made at their facility in Baltimore.  They machine all the frames and sew all the fabrics.  The materials used in the bed are sourced from US fabric mills, extruders, and casting houses.

Kuranda stands behind their product with a Chewproof warranty.

Visit to donate a bed today. 

When you donate a bed, it will ship directly to our group.  You will receive tracking information to confirm the bed made it to us.

Thank you.

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