Bite / Exposure Report

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If you have been bitten, scratched by a tooth or handled an animal and were exposed to the animals saliva via an open wound, broken skin or mucous membrane please go to the below link and fill out a Victim Exposure Report.

Upon completion of the online Victim Exposure Report report an Animal Control Officer or Law Enforcement Officer from the applicable jurisdiction will be contacting you as soon as possible to conduct an investigation. 

Please make sure to render or seek medical care for the treatment of any bite or scratch wounds that you received.


Victim Exposure Report


Below are the contact numbers for Animal Control or Police Departments to report an exposure.

Mendocino County: 707-463-4086

City of Ukiah: 707-463-6262

City of Fort Bragg: 707-964-0200

City of Willits: 707-459-4601