Food Resources

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Food Resources


CalFresh provides nutrition assistance to low-income individuals and families. Those that are not currently enrolled in CalFresh, but have lost income because of this pandemic, may be newly eligible for CalFresh. Applications can be completed online through

Emergency Allotment: Some households currently enrolled in CalFresh may see an increase in their CalFresh benefit allotments. The emergency allotments will be automatically loaded onto their benefits card sometime in April.  

 Please see the latest Health & Human Services Agency Press Release on CalFresh 

Pandemic EBT

Pandemic EBT benefits will be issued to families with school-age children who qualify for free or reduced price school meals. “EBT” is also the name for the Electronic Benefits Card already issued to CalFresh recipients. But Pandemic EBT will be issued on a new EBT card even if the family is already enrolled in CalFresh. Children do not need to be CalFresh eligible to receive Pandemic EBT. This program will provide funds for families to purchase food. Cards will be sent to families next month. For most, no application will be necessary. For those that think they are eligible, but do not receive a card, there will be a simple online application made available. Stay tuned. Pandemic EBT Fact Sheet

Local Food Banks

The Food Banks and Food Pantries throughout Mendocino County remain open. Some have expanded their hours and services to meet the increased need.  (We are working on a link to a current resource list of food banks and community meals.)

Community Meals

Many senior centers and community dining halls are continuing to provide free or low-cost meals. They are being packaged for pick-up and delivery. (We are working on a link to a current resource list of food banks and community meals.)

School Meals

Schools are continuing to provide meals to all children. Meals are packed for pick-up. Some school districts are delivering meals through their bus routes. Many school districts are now providing 5 days of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at one time. Many will be providing 6 days of meals before the scheduled spring break. Check your school district website for more information.

Grocery Store Delivery and Curbside Pickup

Many grocery stores are offering delivery and curbside pickup.  Click here for a current list of local grocery stores offering such service.