COVID-19 Testing

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OptumServe Site

Mendocino County is partnering with the State of California and OptumServe to launch a COVID-19 testing site in Ukiah.

The OptumServe testing site is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday from 12:30 pm – 7:00 pm at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds, 1055 N. State St., Ukiah CA 95482 in Carl Purdy Hall. 

OptumServe testing site is open to the public.  The public is encouraged to schedule an appointment to be tested for COVID-19 prior to arriving. Appointments can be made by calling 888-634-1123 or by visiting Please note that phone registration will only be used for people without internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was OptumServe chosen for this partnership?

OptumServe has extensive expertise in rapidly deploying and setting up health care services and have worked closely with the military under the leadership of former Army Surgeon General and retired Lieutenant General Patty Horoho, RN.

Will people from other counties be able to visit the new sites?

Yes, OptumServe sites will be able to support patients from adjacent counties.

How will California allocate PPE and testing supplies to the OptumServe locations?

OptumServe will provide all of the PPE and testing supplies and will coordinate the necessary personnel to conduct sample collection and testing results reporting.

Who will provide staffing for OptumServe testing sites?

OptumServe will provide staffing for each testing site as follows: (1) administrator, (1) clinical staff member, (1) non-clinical staff member, and (1) security guard. OptumServe will also provide a translator, as needed.

Who pays for the test?

If an individual has medical insurance, OptumServe will bill the patient’s medical insurance company. Uninsured individuals may also use the community test site, and their tests will be paid for by the state.

What if a person is uninsured, undocumented or doesn’t have a driver license?

Anyone who meets the testing criteria can be tested at a testing site. Uninsured and undocumented individuals may use the testing site, and their tests will be paid for by the state. OptumServe will generate a unique identification number for individuals who do not have a driver license.

Is there an alternative process for individuals who do not have internet access?

Yes, each site will implement a process to register individuals who do not have internet access. This includes a toll-free phone number to allow individuals who cannot register online to contact OptumServe and schedule appointment by phone.

Phone-Based Testing Event Registration for Residents (for residents without internet access only): (888) 634-1123

Can individuals who are homeless use the testing site?

Anyone who meets the testing criteria can be tested at a testing site. The county will work with the testing site operator to register individuals who are homeless and ensure they get their results, similar to the process already being done at county clinics.

Will there be alternate or weekend hours for individuals who cannot go to the testing site during the weekday?

OptumServe testing will be available on Saturdays from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Will the OptumServe locations have serology testing available?

OptumServe does not currently have serology tests. Serology tests require blood draws and these sites are not conducting blood draws at this time. However, OptumServe may collect different specimen types in the future at the request of the state and the Testing Task Force. The Task Force is actively evaluating all new serology tests and has released serology testing guidance for the general public.