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Cannabis Overlay Zone Community Support Survey

Post Date:08/24/2018 2:00 PM

Work on the Cannabis Overlay Zones continues and draft regulations are being prepared for Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors review.

Michael Baker International, the consultant assisting with this work, conducted four community meetings on July 26th and 27th.  A summary of the workshop input as well as background materials and maps related to this effort may be found at:

Within this effort, the County will establish regulations for two new types of combining districts – Opt-In Districts that support cannabis cultivation where it already exists and Opt-Out Districts that would eliminate rights to conduct commercial cannabis operations.  Proposed regulations would both guide the creation of future Cannabis Combining Districts and would establish the first Opt-In and Opt-Out Districts within the County.

The Board of Supervisors has determined that strong community support must be demonstrated before a Cannabis Combining District is established. To measure support, Michael Baker will be conducting a digital survey directed to property owners located inside or within 350 feet of each of the proposed Opt-In and Opt-Out Districts.  Postcards will reach property owners of each affected parcel early next week directing recipients to a survey specific to their neighborhood/community and each postcard will provide a unique code that will allow one survey response. 

The County is aware that many properties are occupied by renters/residents rather than owners.  The County also recognizes that renters are in most ways equal members of the community, however, for the purposes of land use decisions and either the granting or curtailing of land use rights, it is necessary to consider the property owner’s wishes for the use of their property.  As such, if you are a renter and either support or oppose creation of a Combining District, we encourage you to contact your property owner and ask that they take the few minutes required to respond to our survey.

Comments and questions on the proposed code amendments may be directed to:  Due to the number of messages being received, we cannot respond to messages individually.  Messages received at this site are being tabulated and consolidated, and a summary of comments/responses to frequently asked questions will be posted on the County website.