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CO-The Celtic World with Facilitator Carol Eastwood

The Celtic World with Facilitator Carol Eastwood

Thursday - Feb 7, 14, 21, 28

By bringing a new historical understanding to long-held beliefs about the Celts, The Celtic Worldwill broaden your idea of what “Celtic” really means. This new perspective will open your eyes to the celtic world with a castle and stone bridge larger story of European history through the centuries, and with Professor Paxton’s personable and informative guidance, you will learn valuable new information about this vital and storied culture and will be able to further appreciate countless aspects of our modern world that have derived from Celtic influence, from Celtic music and dance, to government, law, and social hierarchies, and even the very shape of contemporary Europe.

Whether you’re interested in the whole of European history or simply want to appreciate your own Celtic heritage, The Celtic Worldhas so much to offer. Come along for a ride through history to discover your inner Celt.

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